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    Nigori Gourmet & Sushi Bar in North Carolina. Everything is prepared with high quality, rich taste and fresh food waiting for you to be served. Food in our restaurant are specially made for your taste and health that will capture and reach your expectations. Our experienced Chefs ensure to give you the best food service and make your every order with us a memorable one. We are now online to serve you more!

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    • Sunday - Thursday : 11:00AM-9:00PM
      Friday - Saturday : 11:00AM-10:00PM
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    • Address:

    • 2549 Castle Hayne Rd Wilmington,
      NC, 28401
      Tel. no.: (910) 769 2213
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    Our Location:

    2549 Castle Hayne Rd Wilmington, NC, 28401
    Tel. no.: (910) 769 2213
  • Feedback

    One of my co-workers at GE recommended Nigori for lunch. I have been to a few sushi restaurants in Wilmington and thought they were ok. However, THIS sushi restaurant is by far the most fantastic sushi I have experienced since moving here from New York 2 years ago.I took the first bite and I am HOOKED. The last time I had sushi of this caliber was in Manhattan and let me tell you, Nigori was even better. Far beyond my expectations. Please keep them in business! I am sure going to try! :)
    I went here for lunch earlier today for the first time. My sushi rolls were excellent! The food was great and the restaurant was clean with a nice atmosphere. My only critique was the service; maybe this is due to young or inexperienced staff so I completely understand because of my own service experience. Please advise your servers to give their customers time to finish their meal; my lunch mate was only halfway done with her meal when the server asked if we wanted our checks. We felt rushed and expected to leave because she checked the table for the payment multiple times before we were done. I wanted to order another drink because we were having a nice time, but felt that I couldn’t because the tabs were prematurely closed. The restaurant was only about 1/3 full so there was no need for tables or space at this time. Otherwise everyone was kind and attentive, but please keep the customer experience in mind. Thank you!
    Nick Hawks
    Hi! I saw that you all are new members to the chamber of commerce, congrats! And CONGRATS again on your opening, I truly wish you the best!! I am glad to see that because we like to support our other local and community active businesses. My name is Nick from AKA Entertainment, and we are gearing up for the 2018 Port City Ribfest!! woot woot! Also, this year will be the first annual Downtown Wilmington Guide! Lots of exciting things for us at the moment, but anyways... I wanted to reach out to you and see if you all would be interested in some of the opportunities that we have available to reach the 9000+ people (75% of whom are local) at the RibFest the year. I am Greensboro right now but I will be in Wilmington by Wednesday evening through Friday afternoon, and if we can, I'd love to chat for literally a few minutes or grab some coffee (I cant wait to get some port city java!). I know the time frame is narrow but I'm super flexible to work with you. I am looking forward to meeting
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2549 Castle Hayne Rd Wilmington, NC, 28401
Tel. no.: (910) 769 2213
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